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1st day - Manila trip

and so we departed ...

semi-overcast 28 °C



Took off from cebu at around 630am and touched down in manila after an hour from the time we departed. We were excited, smiles from our faces can be drawn evertime we look at each other. Though we never really had enough sleep but I guess everything will be worth it, we hoped.

We went straight to the hotel in Adriatico St., Malate, unloaded our things and proceeded to the biggest mall in the Philippines, the SM Mall of Asia. Wow! It was the second time I've been to this mall already but it always amaze me everytime I visit because of its huge structure. It was already past 12 noon so we decided to eat lunch, we convene at Burger King. We were curious of this fastfood restaurant because we never had one in Cebu. It was a bit pricey, taste was not bad however not that good either. At MOA, the highlight of this mall is their Ice Skating Rink. We then tried our skills to see if we're still capable of ice skating... I fell a couple of times, after that I never tried anything stupid like speeding up or doing some tricks with my blades. Chard and Phraim was busy figuring out how to perform a side break, it seemed like they were having fun at the same time I was hoping they would also have a bad fall so I could laugh at them, but I guess they've mastered the trick sine none of them fell.

Baywalk was a nice place to relax and have snacks after some tirefull skating. Took couple of pictures and decided to have dinner in Eastwood. It was a bad idea at all, we didn't have any idea how far Eastwood from MOA. It took us almost 2 hours to get there, not to mention the trafic. It was crazy.

It was almost 7pm when we get there, we were starving. we dine at a steakhouse (forgot the name of the resto). In manila, you cant eat a full meal for less the a hundred bucks. While eating, I received a text from my Girlfriend, it was a bad news, but didn't want to think about it. After dinner, we walked around Eastwood. The girls were shopping at some bargained shoes. I was thinking I would buy my girlfriend one but I was too occupied with my problems back home. After some-time, we finally convene at a mini-resto bar. Chug few beers, took some pictures and after awhile, my friend was dead sleepy so we decided to get a cab and go home.

I do not want to proceed on what happen on the way back because it sucks! Why? Coz a cop bust me off for some honest mistake and it cost me $10 for that shit!

Some good times may not end up as what you'd expect them to be, huh!?

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Blurry images

as time goes by ...

rain 26 °C


Think of the days when we were still a teen,
We were naive, we had so much to do but only had little time;
and money hinders some of the things we want to do in life.
Now, as we think of those days all we see are blurry images
of the things that happened in the past.

But the truth is, We are in denial.
We refuse to recall all that happened then.
Why? Because we have so much regrets
that we do not want to look back and think
of what may have been if we took a different path,
or probably chosen otherwise the decisions we made.

Now, as we grow older,
We began to wonder, what is there for us tomorrow?
What is there to see or expect?
Does life have something more interesting to offer?
Maybe, or maybe not. Only one thing is certain.
We are all just passers-by in this world.
As time comes for us to leave,
We look back in the past only to we see blurry images.
And then suddenly, everything turns black ...

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SPOILER - UFC 114, Rampage vs Evans

how would you describe such day?

overcast 28 °C

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I don't have much to write since nothing has really changed for the past few weeks but the normal routinely stuffs each day. Anyhow, I have something to share that really pissed me off last night.


I log-out from work on-time last night and went to vigil the wake of a colleague's dad who passed away. After I pay respects to his family, I decided to drop by my friend's place to watch the replay of UFC episode 114 titled Rampage vs Evans. I am such a huge fan of UFC, as well as these 2 players that are scheduled to fight in the main event. I had been waiting for this episode for too long. Since this fight was already telecasted earlier, I was trying to avoid spoilers from the internet as well as text's from other enthusiasts who watched the fight live. When I got to his place, I warned my friend to keep his mouth shut as I watched the fight to keep the thrill. He agreed though and did not mind me at the living room while he was busy reading his nursing manuals. There were a couple of good fights from the undercard matches - so far, none of my bets are winning their respective fights. I was a bit bored watching other players that were not familiar to me so I turned my back on the TV, logged on to my facebook account and started playing poker while waiting for the main event. After few minutes, my friend called my attention to let me know that the main event is about to start. I turned off the PC and concentrated at the T.V. The players entered the ring, and as the announcer Bruce Buffer was giving the introduction, to my surprise my friend (who was already laughing at this time)summarized what happened to the match and announced who won... WTF!!! Such a bummer! I was so damn furious! I was sure my face turned red as I was looking at him on the couch laughing so loud. I felt the sudden urge to kill this guy so I went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and started stabbing him (though the knife did not really touched him, it's just an old stunt we always do back in highschool). To my disappointment, I turned the T.V off and just played poker online. I didn't even get to see both players touched their gloves. While I was on the PC, the devil still can't get over what he has done and was still laughing all by himself, damnit! Lesson learned, "never again watch UFC at his a devil's place".


I stopped playing poker online at around 2am, and not to mention, I lost all my chips worth $4.5 million. Can't describe how bad that day was for me...

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Machida vs Rua - and the 2010 elections

semi-overcast 28 °C


I was having a hard time sleeping last night. I couldn't get over the Machida vs Rua fight at UFC 113. I idolize Lyoto Machida, it was a disappointing loss for him as well as his fans and that includes me. Machida started pretty good, he had 2 take downs. His hooks connected to Rua's face but Rua's counter and leg kicks may have confused Machida as to how he's gonna defend himself. During these take downs, Machida could have dominated the fight if he has good ground game, but it seems like Rua could easily stand up after these take downs. After the 2nd take down Machida gave a powerful left straight that missed and Rua countered with a devastating right hook that took Machida down and was mounted while receiving powerful blows from Rua which lead the referee Yves Lavigne to stop the fight. I couldn't stop thinking as to what could have been if he didn't miss the left straight jab to Rua's face, the fight could have turned otherwise results. He may have dominated the fight and regain his title. I guess it was not his night, Rua must be very lucky to dodge the jab and countered with his own hooks and blows to a downed Machida. Anyhow, I guess we'll just have to deal with it. It's his 1st loss anyway and I am sure that UFC president Dana White would still want him to regain his title as the Light Heavyweight Champion.

I was finally able to doze off at around 2am. My phone alarms at 6:30am, I snoozed it twice and finally got off my bed at around 7:30am. Had a quick breakfast after shower and off to vote at a nearby Central School before I go to work. While I was on the way, I was contemplating as to who should I vote for local political aspirants. There were sample ballots given along the way. I made up my mind, I am not voting for local candidates. As I arrived on the precinct, I felt like I did not want to vote because of the very long queue. Damnit! I should have come earlier so the line wouldn't by that long. I got my voter number and proceeded to the line on queue. It was already 9am when I lined up with other voters. Minutes later my friends arrived, they were right behind me which was good so that we could chat and catch up with each other since it's been a while since I last saw them. At around 10am, It was my turn to vote. I didn't waste time and went on shading my desired candidates who I beleive has the credibility to run this country. I only voted 8 senatoriables, and as I read the local councilor aspirants, I remembered my friend's uncle were one of the candidates so I shaded his name and two other names that were familiar to me. I finished voting after 10minutes. I realized I was running late, my work starts at 11am, its already 10:15am and it will take my 1 hour to get to the office so I said goodbye to my friends, hurried to the highway and took the 1st cab that passed by. I arrived 11:10am in the office (my sup's gonna kill me). At 4pm, I started writing this blog and I am feeling sleepy. Good thing I'll be on rest day tomorrow.

- ended around 5pm local time.

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boracay pics

one valentines day in boracay

sunny 29 °C

My 5th boracay trip. Valentines day, from feb 13 - 16 with Tin, ck and mitch.


















We'll keep comin' back for more ...

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