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Aegis Peoplesupport Building Collapsed

who's to blame?

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6:45PM, 24 April - I.T. park Lahug Cebu City. I was on my lunch break enjoying a rice topped snack when I heard Fire Department's Siren. I thought it was just another fire that broke down the city but the sirens were getting louder and it seemed like its heading towards me. In just a matter of seconds, fire trucks were already passing infront of where I stood. It made a left turn at Skyrise 1 and headed straight to Skyrise 2. I was too occupied with the spicy flavored food I was eating so I didn't bother checking where the fire was.

I was running late so I headed back to the office to finish my work. After few minutes, my colleague came and brought a shocking news. The under constructed building of Aegis Peoplesupport who is standing just right next to Skyrise 1 & 2 (where our office is at) collapsed from the 3rd storey down to its basement. There were 2 workers who got injured but its still unconfirmed if there were fatalities of the incident. I ran to the back window to take a look at the site. I could not see the entire construction site but I could see some fallen debris, some dislocated fences, there were dust all over the place and people sorrounding the area looking at the fallen building. I could not see ambulance, I only see fire trucks as well as police car. They may have already taken the injured workers to the hospital.

I somehow thanked God that it happened while the building was still under construction. Had it happened while its already standing and employees are already occupying the building then it would have to be a unforgetable tragedy in cebu. We're lucky that the building itself has exposed its weak foundation so that engineers would be more careful in re-constructing it.

I heard people blaming Aegis because they may have done some cost cutting in financing the construction just like what they usually do that's why it resulted to this incident - But I think its the construction company (constructor) is the one that should be blamed. Aegis may have had some lapses in choosing the right constructor but this all boils down as to how the engineers planed this project. Well, we could blame anybody involve in this project but fact is, all we could do is wait for reports since this incident is still under investigation.

I just passed by the constuction site few minutes ago and it seems like its not exactly the entire floor that collapsed. It's somewhere in the middle of the building that fell down but the canopies and columns are still intact. Its like only 1/4 of it was damaged. Its not as bad as I thought it was...

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Agonizing wait before another summer getaway

volcanic activity in iceland lead me to end up in a white sand beach

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Travel specialist - A word that best describe to me as my job, a profession, as well as a passion. I am good at travel. I travel a lot, its like an addiction that I can never escape. It always finds me no matter how I resist, I cant get away with it. The sound of plane engines, the window seat, the music that plays on my ipod and the touch down to a new airport that is unfamiliar to me. All these things are always lurking inside me so I dig in and feed this craving - travel travel and travel.

On the not so lighter side of this obsession, is the fact that I am a travel agent. I also cater other people's need to travel, just like me. It is my job to ensure that their travel plan has to go smooth as what they expected it to be. But the nature of life and reality is just not that cooperative.

It was a thursday 15th of april when Eyjafjallajökull (I know, Im having a hard time pronouncing it as well) volcano in Iceland erupted. It filled the european skies with its ashes resulting to over 20,000 flights cancelled all over europe. This was when our nightmare starts. Thousands of stranded passengers called asking for assistance to ber reaccomodated to another flight or probably refund to their cancelled flight. It was a very sudden situation that the airlines has no back up plan with their partner agencies as to how to assist passengers seeking for reprotection. All we had to do was check on other flights that are still operational and rebook standed passengers to those flights only to find out that these reprotection given will just be cancelled. It was a total mess. Our call waiting would reach to a hundred, and when we speak to these callers, we can barely help them due to a fact that we only have few options for them. We would be thankful if the caller would just want a refund to their flight and we can just go ahead forward the request to the Airlines, but most passengers doesn't want refunds instead, they want to be reprotected to a another flight available. I don't even want to remember how busy those days were, it was horrible like hell. It lasted for 7 days. Good thing I was already on my rest day on tuesday. And another good thing about it is we backpacking getaway plan with my friends to bantayan island.

The sun was rising as we reached hagnaya port in bantayan:


It was a long agonizong week for me, that ended up to a relaxing getaway adventure with my closest friends. We had a blast in bantayan, the warm breeze of the ocean made me forget the stress I had back in the office. The nice little airconditioned cottage we stayed gave me satisfying sleep; and the company of friends in a paradise made it all worth-it.



I am now back in the office. The volcano has finally calm down. Regular flight schedules are now operational. Passengers are now back to in respective destinations. Call queue has gone down. Everything is now back to its usual pace.

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Road trip to attend a wedding of a long lost friend

almost a reunion

semi-overcast 29 °C

4:30PM Saturday, March 27. Its windy and cloudy outside. I am all set for a long drive tomorrow to attend a wedding of a long lost friend. A member of the "mauy barkadahan". It is going to be a reunion, but why did I tag it as "Almost a reunion"? Here's why:

It was a tuesday, March 23. We were on a picknick with my family in our small lot somewhere far south. I was busy chatting and entertaining my girlfriend who came with us to join the fun when I received a text message from an unknown number. "Bin, Pua ni bai. Attend mo ako kasal inig sunday ha, 3pm diri argao.". I was surprised. It's been 2 years since we've been trying to reach this person and all of a sudden I would receive such text message from him. Without hesitation, I immediately confirm to his invitation and cascade it to the active members of Mauys. We exchange few text messeges trying to catch up with each other. I invited him to a volleyball game on Wednesday but he was busy preparing for his wedding. I updated him on few things that had happened to us. He's missed a lot, we missed him too. We hope this event will be successfull.

Few minutes later, Daot confirmed his attendance and he was as excited as I was. He said he was just on the phone with Pua discussing about his wedding. It was clear that they had interesting topics and funny topics shared just by listening to his story about their phone conversation. Yesterday, Chard also replied to confirm that he is also coming and is asking for details where we would convene so we could all go travel together to Argao. Sadly, Phraim declined. I already knew that he could not come since Sunday is his family day. I understood though, he never comes if a celebration is on a Sunday. It must have been so hard for him to refuse the invitation since this is a Major event and a posible reunion to the Barkda. I know deep inside him he is really wanting to go with us. I felt sorry for him.

I was waiting for one person to acknowledge the invitation. I've been calling her. I was patient, I was waiting for days for her to reply. I would understand if she couldn't come, but I was just waiting for her to say that. Up to this very day, I am still waiting. But it seems like I will never receive any acknowledgment from her. So I give up. How could she refuse something so important to the group? She doesn't even bother texting. What a shame. I could finally tell who's been true to the group all along. I can't blame Ikai for her grudges to the group back then. It could be because of this one person. Anyhow, I dont want to force somebody who doesn't give importance to this reunion. If she doesn't care, the hell we give a damn back to her.

This is suppose to be another mem'rable reunion for the Mauys. But unfortunately, due to a lack of desire to have this event a friuitful one. I could only come up with a heading, "Almost a reunion". On the brighter side though, my girlfriend will be coming with us. Though she's not a member of Mauys, we still think of her as part of the group.

The car is already in good condition, i hope. So everything is good to go. I'll have some few drinks tonight and tomorrow, its going to be a road trip.

Original members of Mauy Barkadahan:

1. Myself - Active
2. Chard - Active
3. Daot - Active
4. Phraim - Somehow active but been busy with his own family
5. Pua - Long gone, been contacting him since 2008.
6. Raven - Hiding from people and policemen. hehe

1. Lyn Ann AKA Bestfriend - Has a lot of excuses. Now you see, now you dont. But often "dont".
2. Erika / Ikai - Wanting to be active but unreachable since she's in Canada.
3. Apol - No idea where she is but she's still communicating with Daot.
4. Prechie - Busy with work. Having problems with family.

Here are some pics from of this event:

Lyle's wedding

Lyle's wedding




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Normal life with a twist - continuation

After the game

sunny 30 °C

My girlfriend pick me up from the gym at 8pm. We drove to a restaurand, stuffed ourselves with some nice grilled meat and a seafood soup. It was raining then so the hot seafood soup was perfect for appitizer. We weren't able to finish our food so we asked the waitress to pack it and take it with us as we go. I felt a little tired, my legs were shaking, I could slowly feel the effect of the 3 game practice to my legs. I wanted to go home and sleep because my new shift schedule will start the next day at 12nn. But my girl wants to spend longer time with me. It was almost 9pm, malls were almost closed and it was raining. It would be nice to hang out at a bar and drink beer but it felt like its an old routing that we always do on a saturday. So we decided to go to a 5star hotel to chill. We drove to mactan island and the 1st hotel we saw was indeed a 5star hotel, the Shangrila Mactan Hotel. The rain stoppped by the time we got to the hotel. We parked our car at the 1st parking site near the garden and proceeded to the hotel lobby. The lobby was so huge and there were shops, activity desks, comfortable couches, big paintings, and a dim lighter chandelier. There were guests enjoying a live band at the center of the lobby where there is a bar. We convene ourselves at a table for two that overlooks the garden and the pool. It was romantic, and the music just suits our mood. I ordered beer, and a mango shake for my girlfriend. She was enjoying the view and the live music. I was staring at my laptop checking on my email and browsing at some websites while drinking my beer. I puffed some cigarette after we finished our drinks. We strolled at the pool and took pictures of the nice dim lights on the garden as well as the low lighted path going to the beach. We were having a good time, but I suddenly felt very tired. We decided to take off, so we paid our bills and head back to the car. We were still halfway to her place but my eyes could no longer take it, I was very tired and sleepy that I could barely drive so we decided to stop at the nearest hotel we could find. I guess that's where I end up dozing off and never even remembered how I got there. But somehow, I still managed to recall all these thing that happened. From a 5star hotel tour to a cheap drive through motel, that's how it ended up. Anyhow, we had a great time though. It's a good preparation to start my new shift schedule.

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Normal life with a twist

New work shift, 12nn - 9pm

rain 27 °C

Today is sunday, 24Jan10. I woke up today in a not so familiar room with a girl sleeping beside me. I realized im in a hotel, I guess I passed out last night due to a tiresome basketball game yesterday. But how did I end up on this room with a girl sleeping beside me? Let me trace what happened yesterday. I was playing basketball yesterday with my officemates, it has been months since I played basketball. I did not realize that I pushed myself too much on the game thinking it would not affect my body since it felt good playing again after quite some time. I guess I too excited in that I never felt tired while I was playing. In fact, I did not want to stop running and shooting hoops even if our time was up. We wrapped up at around 7pm... (to be continued... im logging out. current time past 9pm, im going home.)

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